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    As the selection subcommittee reviewed our ever-increasing inventory of candidates, it became apparent that a large number of them were individuals who served with aviation units of the RI Army National Guard (starting with the 152nd Observation Squadron in the late 1930s), or, after 1948, with the RI Air National Guard. It became quickly apparent that acknowledging the contributions of this group would be a multi-year process. Working with the Guard, we have developed a short list of 26 potential Guard honorees (either full induction or special recognition) and that list continues to grow as word of our plan circulates. BG Christopher Callahan, RI Adjutant General, was Guest of Honor. "The Rhode Island National Guard enjoys a rich heritage of aviation achievement, starting in 1915 with the use of LT Gerald Hanley's flying boat to support training of Battery A of the Coast Artillery,” he stated. “Ever since our first official aviation unit, the 152nd Observation Squadron, was established in 1939, Rhode Island Guard members have played a prominent role in furthering the Guard mission through the air. "We applaud the RI Aviation Hall Of Fame's efforts to recognize a number of the unsung heroes of the aviation elements of both the Air and Army National Guard,” he concluded.
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