Harold Edminston Lemont, Jr.

Harold Edminston Lemont, Jr.

Raised in Providence, Harold Edminston Lemont, Jr. (1920-2003) was an aeronautical engineer and inventor who graduated from Moses Brown School, and Rhode Island State College (now URI).

He specialized in helicopter design and was a prolific inventor, developing more than 30 helicopter rotor systems. His Reverse Velocity Rotor, designed in the 60’s, is still the fastest rotor system in existence.

His work is displayed in aeronautical museums across the country, including the National Air and Space Museum. The Gazda Helicospeeder, which he designed while he was still in his early 20’s, is on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum in northern California. He received commendations from NASA for his work in hydraulics.

Mr. Lemont was co-founder of the American Helicopter Society and was an active member for sixty years. During this time, he worked for many major aircraft companies, including Bell, Jacobs, Gazda, Hiller, Piasecki, Sikorsky, and Hughes, many of whom today continue to build on his work. After retiring from Sikorsky, he founded Lemont Aircraft Corporation and worked on new products and applications of advanced aerodynamic mechanical technologies.

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