Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Boston a 2015 Dinner Sponsor

The Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame (RIAHOF) is pleased to announce that Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO-Boston) was a 2015 RIAHOF Dinner Sponsor.

One of our permanent exhibits aboard the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (permanent home for the RI Aviation Hall of Fame) will be a memorial to all those with RI connections who were involved in fighting in and for the Republic of China (ROC) during WWII. We hope the centerpiece of the exhibit will be a P-40 fighter aircraft with ROC and Flying Tiger markings.

We plan to work with TECO-Boston, the representative office of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the area, to develop that exhibit. The first step along that path is to identify and recognize them at our annual dinners.

We have already honored one Rhode Island pilot who was a Flying Tiger (Parker Dupouy), and three others who flew with Chennault’s successor China Air Task Force (pilots Mel Kimball and William Grosvenor, plus crew member Chet Wachowicz).

In addition, RIAHOF has recognized Tommy “The Cork” Corcoran, FDR’s advisor whom many credit with the creation of the Flying Tigers.

We made a concerted effort this year to find additional candidates, and have identified 11 more so far, including another fighter ace–LTC Charles “Ace” Griffith, who was killed in China in 1944 after flying 103 combat missions.

With TECO-Boston as a potential partner, we hope to generate more nominations as well as visibility for both RIAHOF and TECO-Boston.

For further information about TECO-Boston, please visit:

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