Captain Frederick E. Dick

Captain Frederick E. Dick, US Army Air Corps (1920-2005) was a WWII fighter ace was a long-time Barrington resident.

He enlisted on December 8, 1941, and in December, 1943 he went to war with the 5th Air Force’s 49th Fighter Group, 7th Fighter Squadron, flying a P-38 Lightning.  In about 18 months of action in the South Pacific, he completed 210 combat missions, including skip-bombing, dive bombing, intercept, patrol, escort and strafing missions across the South Pacific. At one time he had flown more  missions than any other fighter pilot in the theater.

On March 6, 1945, Captain Dick led a formation of P-38s during a B-25 escort mission to Hainan Island in the South China Sea. As the Lightnings reached the target area, they encountered 15 to 20 Japanese Zeros, one of which Dick shot down  for his 5th aerial victory, earning him the title of ace. One of his victories was also the celebrated 2,500th shootdown in the Pacific Theater. For his skill and bravery was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Metal with 6 Clusters, and the Purple Heart.

Captain Dick gave up flying after the war; in a 1995 interview, he said that once you have flown a high-performance aircraft in combat, recreational flying was as tedious as watching tennis.

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