Captain Archibald H. Douglas, USN

Captain Archibald H. Douglas, USN (1885-1978)

Captain Douglas graduated from the Naval Academy in 1908. He was designated as a Naval Aviator in June of 1918, and saw combat duty in France with the Northern Bombing Group. His aviation career included actions in two World Wars and command of three different aircraft carriers. He first came to Rhode Island in 1929 as a student at the Naval War College, and over the next 17 years served four more tours in Newport. In June of 1940 he became CO of USS Saratoga, commanding the carrier through Pearl Harbor, the aborted relief of Midway, and Sara’s first torpedoing by a Japanese submarine on January 11, 1942. He brought the ship safely back to Washington for repairs, and then received orders back to the Naval War College, where he served as advisor for air operations and Acting Chief of Staff. He retired from the Navy in March of 1946 and lived the rest of his life in Newport.

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