Quonset Land-Based Facility On Hold Due to COVID-19

C-130 at Quonset

By the end of 2019 we had made significant progress with the state concerning long-term access to several acres of land at the northeast corner of the main north-south runway at the former naval air station. We had hoped by this time to have been well into the initial development of our new facility, but the coronavirus has radically changed priorities and has, at least for now, halted our plans.

This is just the latest in a series of trials and tribulations that has dogged our heels since we first launched this effort in 1998.

But we will persevere, we will keep you informed and hopefully in the not-too-far-distant future we will be able to invite you and your families to the grand opening of our long-awaited facility.

In the meantime our board of directors, our trusted advisors and our local volunteers wish you and your families all the very best during these difficult times.

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